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Julian Parker

LDT wrote:

I *really* don’t want to lose Berlin mode, though.

Agree. Actually I find that the Berlin mode (aka EDIT PERFORM state) is what I always wanted the EDIT state to be like.

So may I propose, that the new EDIT PERFORM state (Berlin) takes the place of EDIT state, and we go back to having the EDIT button switch between two states. The old EDIT state could be reached by holding some other button while pressing EDIT.

How do you like that guys?

I’d like that a great deal personally! With the addition of the ability to zoom into step/track mode via double-click from the ‘Berlin’ state, things would be perfect!

It would also bring the function of the EDIT button in Page mode somehow closer to it’s function in Grid mode i.e. green EDIT LED means you can toggle steps or pages, and yellow EDIT led means you can tweak steps or pages. Conceptually clearer and more musical in my opinion!