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First off, you should be sure that your terminal app is set to send data in binary format.

If you do the correct steps to load the OS file in the updating PDF, it should work. Did you follow the instructions on page 8?

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First, we will tell Octopus that we are about to send something, so Octopus will open a connection and wait for the file to be transmitted. We issue the following command (followed by pressing “Enter”):

Octopus> load -m ymodem -b 0x00010000

Send the new OS file to Octopus
With Octopus waiting for the transmission (as we saw above) you should then proceed with sending the OS .elf file using the YModem protocol, supported by your terminal program. To do this, on zTerm we choose the menu “File -> Send Files -> YModem-1k”. Other terminal programs may vary in terminology slightly.

When prompted, select the .elf OS file to be sent from where you have stored it locally and press the “Open” button.
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Note that the latest version of OS 1.62 was made by one of our community of users, and contains some post-genoQs fixes, including improved MIDI sync. It’s located here:

See the forum thread in this section called "multiple h/w sequencers & timing" for the background on this.

I’ll be happy to try to help more if no one else responds!