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I tried switching between clusters with different repeat cycles and didn’t see any inconsistency.

We could use the unused buttons from the grid track live mode to switch clusters. In Nemo it’s rows 5 to 16, in Octopus it would be less, probably 11 to 16.

The mutes dealing the the currently playing page also annoys me, it’s great, but when mixed with clusters, it becomes annoying because, suppose you’re playing a 2 page cluster with no repeat and you mute one or more tracks, then the page changes. You have no way to unmute the track(s) you previously muted before the first page plays again.

Making the grid track live mode mutes affect all tracks in all pages so you can always control what’s muted would be interesting, but that would be the easy way out. :)

Here’s the hard way:

In grid track live mode, starting with the fact that the mutes would affect all tracks in a cluster. Assuming we have the cluster switching option, you could use edit mode, where you could select clusters, but it would not cue them for playback, and see the mutes for that cluster and change mutes before that cluster plays.

I hope this makes sense.