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I’m happy to hear someone else would like multiple clusters per bank.

I think I cut some corners in my initial explanation, so here’s the long version.

If you could make multiple clusters per bank, each group of clusters could include a different number of pages.

How would you see which pages are part of which cluster group and select which group is playing?

We would need a way to identify different groups in grid mode. Possibly using different colors for the first page of a group, for example a 2 page cluster would have a green page and an orange page, orange indicating it is the second page of a cluster.

This way you could switch between different cluster groups by selecting the first page of a cluster group. We could also switch group by selecting another page than the first one, but we need to see which page is first.

Now the grid track thing.

Each cluster group could be represented by a single slot in grid track mode, regardless of the number of pages in the group.

This way you could switch between different cluster groups, as well as have access to muting tracks all from the same mode.

I hope this makes more sense. :)